Any robot. Any application. Any factory.

A universal and intuitive robotics simulation, programming and control solution,

which saves time and money while improving performance and quality. See how...

Any Robot


One software for all brands and models of robot - no need to learn proprietary programming languages for each brand of robot.


Change robots without changing your application.

For Integrators

Project Continuity

Seamless brand-independent digital continuity for any client, covering... pre-project, simulation, design, commissioning, training, production and maintenance.


A response to any client specification no matter the robot.

Any Application

Roboticize Every Task

From the simplest to the most complex.

Ultimate Performance

Uncompromising process performance and quality thanks to our real-time industrial-grade control.

Reduce Down-Time Drastically

Intuitive reprogramming, digital twin simulation, and instant deployment, allow you to manage turnarounds efficiently.

For Integrators

Capitalize on Experience

Reuse generic applications and developments from one client to the next.

A Competitive Advantage

Faster and more economical client project management.

Any Factory


One harmonized robotic interface for all of your robotic applications across your factories.

Almost Zero Training Required

Empower operators with the robotics skills of the future and rethink your production.

Accelerate Turnarounds

Manage production changes directly in the factory for any robot and any application.

For Integrators

Grow your Market

Address any client factory and scale to any production demand with one solution thanks to easy in-factory reprogramming.


Fuzzy Studio
Any factory can automate with robotics quickly and simply with any robot. 










From engineering to factory floor operations in one single and simple software.