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Our universal control algorithms and ultra-intuitive user interfaces make industrial robot programming fast, efficient, and cost effective for the low volume, high mix production demands of agile manufacturing. 

Start your flexible automation transformation today. 

Agility demands flexibility.

Flexible manufacturing is a key competitive factor in the agile industry of tomorrow. 


Shortened product cycles require automation to become collaborative, intelligent, and modular.

Intelligent and collaborative robotics promises this by freeing industrial robots from their cages and allowing them to work alongside operators while constantly adapting to changing production needs.

Flexibility requires innovation.

Programming and parameterizing industrial robots and cobots is extremely costly with industry standard tools because they require significant time and expertise.

These powerful tools are designed for experts and are well adapted to classic large scale robotic integration projects but are inefficient for small scale agile applications.

The Fuzzy Logic Robotics Solution

Reduce integration costs and robot programming time to accelerate turnaround and increase throughput.

An estimated TCO savings up to 110k$ per robot!

Unmeasured gains: The competitive advantage from a faster and more efficient turnaround.


Fuzzy Logic Robotics provides an end-to-end software package complete with: 

Human-Robot Interface (HRI)

For intuitive visual robot programming.

Real-Time Robot Controller Server 

​For complete and universal robotic control.

Powerful Developer APIs 

For custom application development.

​which can reduce programming costs up to 80%.


Accelerated Time to Market

Seamless deployment from application development to factory.

Almost zero learning curve for technicians and operators.

Easy and efficient commissioning.

End-User Autonomy

Adapt the robot to the process as simply as playing a video game.

No robotics expertise required… It’s in our algorithms!


Simple problems are solved quickly and easily directly on the factory floor.

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About Us

We are robotics experts and enthusiasts who want to bring these amazing machines to the businesses who can get the most out of them.

Our mission: democratize industrial robotics by proposing innovative tools and user-friendly human-robot interfaces, which take the complexity and hassle out of working with robots.

To do so, we put the latest and greatest robotic research into our systems to make working with industrial robots, easy, intuitive and fast.

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With a Doctorate in Robotics from La Sorbonne, a Master from Arts et Métiers, and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech, Ryan is our big picture guy. His experiences in both industry and academia have taught him how to bridge the gap between R&D and real-world applications. His ability to master the many challenges faced by a startup from a technological, human and business standpoint, help Fuzzy Logic Robotics stay on track and stand out from the pack.


Specialties: machine learning/AI, control, mechatronics, and project management.  



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Antoine is an experienced robotics engineer with a degree from Polytech Sorbonne who has worked with many robotic platforms over the years. From mobile robots to humanoids, Antoine has had hands-on experience with a wide variety of some of the most complex robotic systems out there. His expertise ranges from the lowest levels of control up to computer vision and perception algorithms.


Specialties: optimal control, software architecture and hard real-time linux systems.





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