Maximize your flexibility and autonomy

with robots that speak human
Robots are tools. Using them should be as easy as using a drill. Why isnt it?
Because traditional robots use black-and-white logic. And us humans, we think in color.
Most robot systems try to make humans change their communication to match the robots black and white style.
That’s how you end up with companies that risk large amounts of time and money on robot systems, and then struggle to use them the way they want.

When robots speak human, they become our best productivity tools.

When robots become everyday tools for the factory, low volume and high mix productions become an efficient and cost effective reality.

Automation is synonymous with Autonomy thanks to Fuzzy Logic. Our solution puts industrial robots in the hands of non-roboticians so factories can turn around production all by themselves.

No special training? Yeah, it's possible. Using robots shouldn’t require a PhD and your production shouldn’t have to stop for training. Powerful tools made simple.

With Fuzzy Logic, your robots become endlessly adaptable to fit the ever changing demands of your production.

You can’t solve a problem by doing the same thing

Fuzzy Logic does something different

Realtime mimetic control. No training needed.
We create a realistic virtual environment so you can control and train your robot in realtime. It’s as simple as demonstrating what you want the robot to do. And the possibilities are limitless. Maximum results, minimum sweat.

The real all-in-one. Any robot, any application, for every step of the way.
Control everything from one easy interface. Fuzzy Logic works with every brand of robot, for every application, at every point in your project, from conception to realtime production control. Forget technical constraints and incompatibilities. Choose total freedom.Unstoppable flexibility.

Unbeatable results.
Unlock the flexibility of the biggest players. Try new product lines, small volumes, or new machines -- all with the profitability of mass production, and without interrupting your workflow. Agile, efficient, indomitable.

When robots speak human, they become our best productivity tools. Everything we do is designed to make optimizing your business as easy as possible.
An intuitive platform that lets anyone teach a robot how to do anything with a few easy clicks and drags.
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The secret sauce that lets you use 90% of the robots on the planet with the exact same interface.
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