A single software workflow that takes you all the way from an idea to a working robot on the factory floor.

Take grinding for example. To get a robot to grind a new surface, an engineer would normally spend days programming. With Fuzzy Studio™, your operator can look at what they need to grind today and program a robot with a few clicks. They’ll be watching the robot get to work before the engineer would have even arrived at your factory. Here’s how 👇

How it Works

Teach your robot anything with a few clicks.

Teach in a way that’s natural for humans: with spatial models, not code.

Simply click and drag to add 3D markers and adjust how the virtual robot moves. Your real robot will do exactly what you see in the simulation. Clear, non-technical language makes it easy for anyone to understand what each robot can do.

And while the interface is simple, there’s no compromise on performance. Teach your robots any complex, industrial-grade action you need.


Execute on the factory floor instantly.

Using Fuzzy RTOS™, go from simulation to the factory in one click. You can execute your new process with zero effort on 90% of the robots in the world.

Fuzzy RTOS™ lets you control all major brands of robots with one interface, so you don’t have to worry about adapting to different pendants and HMIs ever again. Check it out.


Change references easily at any time.

With Fuzzy Studio™, any operator can quickly and easily adapt your robots to new references to meet changing production demands. Generate a new reference in seconds and put your robot to work on the optimal task for today. No coding or complex training required.

Make low-volume, high-mix productions a cost-effective reality.  Supercharge your flexibility.